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Ben McNulty wanted to be an inventor of sorts. He wanted to mold the identity and motion of any entrepreneurship and start-up company that came his way. He developed a passion and keen eye for simple, colorful logos and beautiful motion graphics that can work with any kind of brand you are trying to create. Logo design became a daily routine as he started to build a portfolio from his logo work. Professionally, he is currently a Motion Graphic Designer, at Pipeworks Studios in Eugene, OR helping lend his animation skillset to the creation of video games and videos. He's also a Videographer and Graphic Designer that has lent his talents to Kohl's, United Soccer League, MTV, Resin Refinery and many others both locally and nationally as well as doing freelance when he can.

A Word from the Designer:

"Always keep an open mind and treat those around you with kindness. You never know what could lead to inspiration at any moment and always keep learning.


I am open for collaborations, giving and getting feedback and general discussion with others. Don’t be afraid to reach out as I look forward to learning more about you and your project.“


- Ben McNulty

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