Ben McNulty wanted to be an inventor of sorts. He wanted to mold the identity of any entrepreneurship and start-up company that came his way. He developed a passion and keen eye for simple, colorful logos and beautiful graphics that can work with any kind of brand you are trying to create. Logo design became a daily routine as he started to build a portfolio from his logo work. Professionally, he is currently a Freelance Motion Graphic Designer, Videographer and Graphic Designer that has lent his talents to Kohl's, USL, MTV, Resin Refinery and many others both locally and nationally.

A Word from the Designer:

"Always keep an open mind and treat those around you with kindness. You never know what could lead to inspiration at any moment and always keep learning.


I am always open for collaborations, giving and getting feedback and general discussion with others. Don’t be afraid to reach out as I look forward to learning more about you.“


- Ben McNulty